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The Fashion Crowd Team Members

The Fashion Crowd team members

Remember Charlie’s Angels? Remember the Dragon Warriors from Kung Fu Panda? Well, now there’s us!! Read more about The Fashion Crowd team members here.

We’re excited to bring our fashion knowledge from different corners of the world and give different perspectives based on our key competencies as fashion designer & tutor, trend forecaster, journalist and illustrator. With these different angles, we share what we believe to be most exciting and relevant.

Our project – delivering fashion knowledge and information to a wider audience – started as a blog, but slowly slowly as the posts are building up, we have collected everything in a systematic order, and you can see most of our entries under Useful Information. We continue to build on our archive week by week. If there’s anything that you think is missing, you are welcome to write us a comment, email or question. Last-mentioned you will find on our Q&A Page.

But our blog is just one of the platforms, where we share our ideas. Instagram is our preferred social platform for snippets of inspiration, and you can check out our findings here as well as partaking in our community through our system of hashtags (read more about that here).

The mission we’re on is that of spreading valuable information and offering a different learning experience to structured fashion courses. It’s about ongoing learning and having fun, while engaging in developmental exercises on the platforms and media, where the young creatives already are. It’s about always setting new goals for oneself and never ceasing to learn.

In our careers, we have travelled quite a lot and worked with people from all over the world. In a global setting like that, limits, rules and ‘how-we-do-things-around-here’ are erased, and that allows for true creativity to flow. The fashion designers of tomorrow will not be restricted by the past, but look with open eyes towards the future and be able to imagine new solutions.

Welcome to our community.

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