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Trend Forecasting part 5

From trend forecasting to creative fashion research - David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

From Trend Forecasting to Creative Fashion Research

We, at The Fashion Crowd, think the late passing of David Bowie will most likely influence the runway making the Ziggy Stardust era come to live once again. What makes Bowie, or moreover his mastering of self-expression, so interesting is that he himself was a master of both creating and taking on new (fashion) trends. He turned these intuitions, or trends, into visual and audio masterpieces that enchanted people, made it resonate with them, and connected them with his art – with him.

In this context, it is his passing combined with his new album that will create a spark in the spirit of the times; a spark that can have an impact on fashion and trends soon to come.

We have written numerous posts about trends, but all on a theoretical level, and now we wanted to give it a shot, and take something that inspires us, something we believe will have an impact, and show how we would go about doing further research on this matter. It will be an example of the fashion research process, and what it could look like. Images do speak for themselves, but we nevertheless wanted to comment on our choice of images, as well as giving them a title of how we would use them in a context of creating a fashion collection, for instance.

David Bowie

1 The mood

The first image is of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, and it becomes the prime inspirational image and sets out the mood, fashion silhouette, and guidelines for further research.

What we notice is the tight 70s outfit; the jumpsuit, shirt, and scarf; the hair style; the rock’n’roll mood; and the vibrant and quirky colour-range.

David Bowie makeup

2 The colours

A close-up of the iconic Ziggy Stardust make-up is setting the colour range for the process; blue, red, dewy skin, soft pink, chalky white with a splash of orange.



David Bowie3 The muse

A close-up of Bowie’s face to capture his strong and eccentric looks. What we see is something very rock’n’roll, but at the same time something also very fragile and boyish. It adds to the story with notions on styling and mood.




David Bowie poster4 The Print

The poster gives a clean expression of the iconic lightning make-up, and it opens up for further print





Ziggy Stardust lyrics5 The storytelling

Ziggy Stardust handwritten lyrics strengthen the sense of a very human portrait, while also giving a voice to the story. It creates a sense of being closer to the artist – being in his shoes so to speak. It somewhat gives me the essence of Ziggy, as well as creating something conceptual to the tangible images.

Also, it nice to listen to music while creating, as it can help enhance the creative working process, and interesting to translate a mood into music.


Now it’s time to choose 5 out-coming images that link and build up this Ziggy Stardust storyline in order to make it fit today’s fashion. They set the tone for what Ziggy could be anno 2016. This is also often, where the research becomes interesting, as it has so far only had one dimension, and this is rarely very interesting from a research perspective.


Japanese hair style6 The new

This image shows a modern take on Bowie as Ziggy, and it sets the tone for the next 5 images that will create an entity, a theme, with the prior 5. I almost imagine, how this image serves as glue.





Velvet7 The hand feel

We need an image of fabric to work from, as a starting point for our fabric research, and velvet has a very 70s feel to it, which was why, I chose it. It is also very hip right now and will be for next season of fall. At the same time, the colours of the image almost look saturated, which gives it a very modern feel.




cool girl8 The now

The look of this girl, the colours, and the graphic lines of her jacket add something new, fresh, and hip to the story. She is very now (relevant + fresh = modern), and it creates a dialogue in being a light contrast with the Ziggy muse (image 3).




Jeff Depner9 The art

For me, this piece of art speaks with the iconic lightning poster (image 4) as well as the colour range and the line work. It adds something abstract and playful to the story. The art piece helps me create a space, where I can play more freely with print ideas combining both the simplicity and aesthetics of the poster art with the more uncontrollable and edgy as seen here.


quirkiness10 The quirky

This brings some quirkiness to the story, a funny silhouette, lace trim idea, and perhaps even an edgy styling idea for the further creative process.

I love quirky things, and this fancy of mine often sneaks into my work, when I can make it fit. Other people love other things, and will find ways of adding minimalism, print, etc. to the story, and this is why creative work is always unique. No one collection will look the same, when coming from two different minds, and this is exactly what makes it so interesting. Creative work can be more or less wrong in terms of being relevant, fresh, and catering to a specific type of consumer, but this is where you put aside your personal taste, and go about research in a professional way (read more about that here).

Send us your research starting with a Bowie image with explanations of your research process, and we will publish it here to see, how others get from trend forecasting to creative fashion research.


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