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I Love Fashion

I Love Fashion

At The Fashion Crowd, we write so many things about fashion. One topic, we have strangely never touched upon, and which is one of the lighter ones and more entertaining, is why fashion is so wonderful. The idea and desire came to us – or rather the writer of this piece – after seeing two wonderful images of wonderful women dressed in a way that was so appealing. I Love Fashion!

At my age (36 years) and after 15 years in the fashion industry, it doesn’t happen to me all the time that I fall in love with a garment or outfit, but it definitely does happen. And when it happens, it’s just as strong an emotion, as it always was. It’s a bit like falling in love really. When I was 20, I felt in love all the time – both with men and fashion. As you get older, it gets a lot more difficult. That’s also why, you sometimes hear experienced people from the industry saying that all is the same, all has been done, and nothing is new. The more, you’ve seen, the more difficult it gets to get excited – that’s logic. But as long, as we have the ability to fall in love with a person (which is hopefully for as long, as we live), I would argue, we also have the ability to fall in love with a beautiful object. With this, I don’t mean that loving a person and an outfit is the same, but rather that it’s the same sweeping feeling rushing through every cell of your body.

In the spiritual world, people, who believe in all sorts of things, tend to agree on one thing, and that is that when your whole body is screaming “yes yes yes” to something, it’s something to go for. When your brain rationalizes that “this could be a great buy, because it fits my figure, is on sale and can work on many occasions – and also, it’s Celine!”, it’s not necessarily the right thing for you. Again, with this I don’t mean that all the eccentric, unreliable but fascinating men have been a ‘good buy’, and that you should just close your eyes and go for the Lanvin dress and Roger Vivier shoes regardless of reality (read: your financial situation), but it’s a feeling to take notion on and work to achieve – under the right circumstances, of course. And it’s a nice feeling, which is probably the most important thing.

And back to the good feeling; I unfortunately can’t buy all the lovely outfits that I would like, but knowing they’re around still gives me a sense of direction, of what I would like, and knowing that in this world, I can be exactly who I want – if I’m so lucky to achieve it. A sweeping sense of love, a sense of direction and knowing that you can be, who you want, all adds up to a pretty nice cocktail of ‘This is who, I really am, and this is where I’m going’. It’s your place in the universe that you can head towards. Nice.

Everything above has been from a consumer perspective, because the perspective is important to remember for people in the creative industry. From a professional perspective, the feeling of making someone fall in love is what we need to strive for as creatives. Nothing less is simply good enough. Period. There’s too much stuff around for really fulfilling an actual need. Though consumers may need a new cardigan, a black dress etc. from time to time, we all have plenty of stuff. Our finest job as designers is to make people love while create something worthwhile. Does this just sound too hypothetical and annoyingly poetic for a billion-dollar business? That probably depends, who you ask. I would argue, it’s the only valid reason for becoming a designer and having a long career in the fashion industry. At least, if you do it for any other reason, I don’t think, you will continue very long.

Fashion summer look

Just because it’s fun, I will share with you the two images that sparked my imagination for this post sending the blood rushing through my veins. The one above is from a magazine that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I just love it, and I would just love to look like that. I can’t really explain it in any other way. I just freakin’ love it.

Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly on the image above came to mind after taking a quiz on Facebook about ‘What Hollywood Movie Star are you’. The peculiar thing is that it’s probably the first test I ever take on FB, after being a member for a decade, but this I couldn’t resist. The joy and happiness I felt after being officially a ‘Grace Kelly’ was a little surreal and perhaps embarrassing, but it feels so incredibly good – even today while writing this. Let’s be honest; my life is very, very far from what her was like, I imagine, but it still makes me so happy. Again, I cant’ explain it in any other way than just utter happiness – I love fashion!

Have a good day, and if you have time, share with me on Instagram what your planning to wear this summer – if nowhere else, at least in your imagination and heart.

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