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Writing a CV for fashion

writing a CV for fashion

A CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae, and is submitted to work places together with a cover letter (or covering letter or application), when you’re interested in a placement. A CV (or resume) is a brief summery with some details about yourself, together with a chronological list, of what you’ve done in your life, in regards to education, work and other achievements. So what are the important things to keep in mind, when writing a CV for fashion?

I don’t think, it’s ever too early writing your CV, as it means being serious about your career. I remember some students thinking, it would be a bit silly writing a CV for fashion after just one year in university, as there was hardly anything to write. This I can understand, but I would still recommend it for the following two reasons: first of all, it’s the usual document you hand in, if you look for an internship or other collaboration, and secondly, as a young person and perhaps a student, nobody expects you to have done a million things already.

This makes me think about, why I strongly recommend internships (read more about that here). As a student, as I already mentioned, nobody expects you to have done many things, but once you graduate, I think, there’s a big difference between the CVs with some internships and work experiences, and a CV that has none. I know, it can be very hard finding time to study and work at the same time, but the long summer holidays offer an excellent opportunity to put into practice, what you learn at school. This will also give you an advantage once you graduate in terms of already having a strong CV, as well as saying something about you as a person, as being curious, hardworking and confident.

So what do you write in your CV? A lot of good tips already exist out there, and I came across these two pages, of how to write a CV, which I found quite useful:

I also googled ‘writing a CV for fashion’, and a lot of hits come up, which offered inspiration for especially lay-out. My own CV has always been relatively clean, as for certain documents, I probably prefer something simple, but I also remember looking at the CV of a colleague, which had a fashion illustration on it, and finding it really delightful and captivating. So as with many other things in life, not one right answer. Stick to your gut feeling, and perhaps ask someone in the field for a piece of advice. If you don’t know, who to ask, email it to me, and I will take a look.

One thing, I would probably advice, is to include Interests on the CV. It’s the one thing that will communicate something about you more as a friend than as a professional or colleague. When I’ve looked at CVs, and without having the person in front of me, my eyes have often wandered to Interests, as a way of getting a feel of the candidate. A long time ago, when I wrote my interests, I remember feeling that it was somewhat generic writing that I liked ‘Travelling, Researching, Trend Forecasting, Designing, Illustration, and Reading’, because who don’t? Being a bit more specific, and writing ‘Creating moods on Pinterest of unseemly impossible images using them to spark my imagination for design and illustration, Travelling as a way of opening my mind and Reading French literature from the 19th century’ is already less generic, and a person that at least I would really like to meet.


  1. MEIAN LOW says

    Hi Bette,

    Thank you for your blog “Writing a CV for fashion.
    I was encouraged by it.
    You mentioned that we can email our CV to you for advice.
    Can I please email you my CV.

    Best Regards,
    Meian Low

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